A great place to come back to.

History shines at Cornerstone Suites. This Door County barn is over 100 years old and full of classic styles with a modern touch. Cornerstone Suites started out with only one suite, and the owners would tell their guests to "Only tell your best friends!" about their cozy hideaway. It's this word-of-mouth chain that has continued to bring in more and more guests over the years, filling up the memos and words of thanks in their guestbook and leaving with the desire to soon return.

Fourteen years ago this August, 2011, a tornado hit the barn and damaged half of the property. The current owner's parents, sister, niece and dog had been inside during the disaster, and fortunately, everyone got out safely. Together, they rebuilt the barn to be the creatively designed and beautifully maintained Cornerstone Suites that welcomes you today.

Cornerstone Suites promises an exceptionally unique getaway that is unlike any other Door County experience. Their four private suites are one-of-a-kind and offer all modern features to ensure your stay with them brings you comfort, happiness, and that feeling of a home away from home.